pre-postseason ramblings.

October 3, 2009 Leave a comment

have you ever been to a phillies game in september and october? it’s the most incredible thing. our players get buzzed from the energy, from the passion. other teams get a little thrown off by it. it doesn’t matter if there’s a sold out crowd or not (which, there usually is), it’s ALWAYS loud. everyone gets into it. forty-five thousand plus hearts racing and voices raising in support of our team.

baseball in october is a beautiful thing. it’d be even more beautiful if the phillies weren’t playing like they’re running on empty right now. which, okay, they probably are. we’ve already clinched the nl east, and it’s a lot to be proud of. but we’re still fighting for homefield advantage in the playoffs, and that’s important, too. we were undefeated at home during the postseason last year, and we’ve all heard the stories about how the philly crowd intimidates other teams. that being said, it’d be in our best interest to play at home as often as possible during the postseason.

but there are factors that affect that, of course. we need to rest some of our everyday guys. utley and victorino got the day off on thursday, and rollins, feliz, and ibanez got yesterday off. it showed. when miguel cairo is making better plays than anyone else in the starting nine, you know things aren’t right. but seriously, folks. the phillies are a tired team, but the playoffs begin on wednesday. it’s time to buckle down and get everything in gear. there’s no doubt in my mind that we could go far this postseason. how far, i’m not sure. but if i know this team, i know they’re going to put all of their heart into every single game, and play each game like it’s their last. the phillies have always been the underdogs. but this group of guys, this team, they don’t care about what other people think about them. the game is the most important thing to them, and they play to win. their passion and determination is undeniable, and we fans feel it, too. that’s why we get so invested in this game, in this team. that’s why, even if we don’t make it to the playoffs – hell, even if we don’t make it out of the NLDS – the true fans will look back on a season that was successful for all intents and purposes. we got some new additions to the team in raul ibanez, cliff lee, and ben francisco, and we’ve seen some of our players absolutely shine, like j.a. happ and jayson werth.

there are a lot of questions that loom for the phillies going into the postseason – who pitches game 1? who goes into the bullpen and who stays in the starting rotation? who doesn’t make the postseason roster? the executive office is going to have to make a lot of tough decisions over the next few days, decisions that will shape and effect how the postseason plays out. whatever happens, though, it’s going to be a good ride. these are the phillies, after all.

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brad lidge, eleven games, etc.

September 24, 2009 2 comments

okay so i said i didn’t want to talk about it, but i can’t NOT talk about this brad lidge thing. i am trying my hardest to not lose faith in the guy, but eleven blown saves? i understand that you can’t repeat perfection twice. I GET IT. he went 48-for-48 last season and it was incredible. it’s never going to happen again. just like cole probably won’t have another season like last year’s. i really do get it. but it’s like… i don’t even know. where the hell did the brad lidge from last year go? if it’s an injury, okay. that explains some of it. but it’s not an injury. and you know the guy’s frustrated, he’s upset, he’s probably feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders right now. that obviously isn’t good for his mindset. but every blown save is just going to make it worse. and i thought charlie said they were only going to use him for non-save situations, just so it’d be less stress for him? i don’t think they’ve sent him out in low-stress situations since charlie said that. he’s our closer, i know his job is to go out there and win the games for us. but it’s not happening. and who do we have as a backup? madson wasn’t that good as a closer when he stepped up for brad. park’s injured, bretty’s injured. the other guys are relief guys, are setup guys. our starters have been awesome lately, but we can’t expect them to go 8 or 9 innings in every game, especially not going into the postseason!

i love lidge. i’m frustrated as hell over the blown saves and it’s disappointing, but i’d really just like to know what’s wrong with him. and, whatever it is, i want it to be better and not an issue. we’ve all seen what he can do and how good he can be. something just has to change, and soon.

i don’t know. i love the phillies. no matter what happens, i’m going to stand by them and root for them. brad lidge included. we’ve only got eleven games left to play, and milwaukee isn’t going to just be a breeze for us. we need to step it up, we need to play hard. we need to play better. during game 1 yesterday, we were scoring runs on small ball plays. we need to do that more, we can’t just rely on home runs – and we can’t rely on one person to win games for us, like our starters or like ryho. the boys just need to get hungry for it again, they need to kick some ass, because there is absolutely no reason whatsoever we can’t make it into the postseason.

eleven games left. magic number is five. let’s do this, boys.

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welcome to the big show.

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment

a few weeks ago, i told my friend over dinner, “i’m really going to miss the phillies this weekend. it’s kind of silly, it’s like they’re my boyfriends… all twenty-five of them.” we laughed about it, but then i got to thinking about it. and as lame as it sounds, it’s kind of true. i mean… every game, every at-bat, every pitch, every defensive play, i’m cheering, i’m screaming, i’m supporting. and every bad game, every injury, every down day, i’m feeling it too. my heart rises and sinks with this team. it bleeds phillies red.

welcome to, my phillies blog. this blog was created with the intention to deliver my own personal opinions on phillies news, on the team, on games, on whatever that has to do with the phillies. i hope you stick around and enjoy the ride as much as i do.

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